Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL


What is the history of the name COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL?


  • Because God made a covenant with man.
    • After the fall
    • After the flood
    • With Israel
    • After Jesus resurrection
  • Because it reminds us to keep our word. Our word is our bond.
  • Because it reminds us to live a life of uncompromisingly high standards, We are called to stand firm on our word and let our actions display our faith. We “walk our talk”


  • Our students involve the community in their learning. We spend much time outside the classroom in the world connecting with professionals, organizations, businesses, political parties, trade shows, fairs, and much more. Toronto especially has a wealth of learning opportunities and places.
  • We will partner with an overseas school with a commitment to assist in building or sustaining a school in a specific village where the children have little or less access to education. Each partnership is unique and arranged around individual needs that sustain the reciprocal flow of ideas, energy, time, expertise and experiences to develop the people and organizations involved. See: http://www.unitedworldschools.org/
  • We do skype video calling with international partner schools.
What’s the idea behind starting the school?

Eleven years ago, the Lord gave me a vision for opening a school.

We’re being obedient!

Also, after 11 years of supply teaching in hundreds of classrooms, over 170 different schools, all grades from K-8; all subjects; and in class face to face contact with over 80,000 students, I have been given an “education in education” that one could not get via any higher education institution!

I know what is needed! I have seen and experienced the needs!

When will the school open?

This fall. September 6,  2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.

We are committed to providing this opportunity for a select group of children. We believe that the educational experience we are offering will change your child’s life and future.

Who are the teachers?

Two professional teachers with  a combined teaching experience of almost 50 years!

We will have guest speakers, presenters, and specialized instructors in such areas as music and the arts.

We have a large resource group of people that our students can connect with.

We will utilize the plentiful learning opportunities in Toronto and its environs.

Will we follow Ontario curriculum?


BUT, the Ontario curriculum is aimed at the “average” student. We will go far beyond that!

We will go far beyond that!

Through our personalized learning approach students will be able to focus on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses!

Are you a home school?

We are not a homeschool. We are a private school following the Ontario Ministry of Education criteria and guidelines WITH PROFESSIONALLY ACCREDITED teachers.

  1. We ARE a “school in a home!”
  2. Just imagine having your child’s curiosity and interests stimulated and set free. Just imagine having a private tutor!
  3. Each child will have their own educational roadmap for the year.
  4. Differentiated and individualized education for each student!
  5. With input from the student! NOT just testing, planning, and instructions from a third party source!
  6. Student and teacher and resource people work on establishing guidelines with tons of flexibility!
  7. Use of the best educational approaches adapted to your child.
  8. Attention paid to your child’s learning passions and challenges.


A point of clarification. We are not denigrating home-schooling! It is a proven, well tested, and rapidly growing form of alternative education. Most universities and colleges now have clear options for accepting students who have been educated in that manner. Why? Home-schooled students are better learners and show much more initiative and independence. Similarly, students educated in private schools have a better chance at university or college admittance!

There is a lot of information available about students going to college or university after being home-schooled. Universities LIKE students from alternative education experiences, since they prove to be more independent, show more initiative, and in general are better prepared.

Check out this link: http://www.rainsberger.ca/blog/ontariohomeschooluniversityadmissions

What is Covenant Global School's assessment approach?

We believe that assessment needs to be a continuous and ongoing process involving the teacher, student, peers, and parents.

Students are encouraged to utilize all resources and methods to assess their work and progress.

Elements evaluated are:

What are ePortfolios and why are they used?

“An ePortfolio is a digital archive that represents student work over time through a broad range of artifacts.” (https://cndls.georgetown.edu/eportfolios/).

“Personalized learning is at the heart of eportfolio’s value to custom-fit individual learner needs”

There are layered benefits of having students use digital workspaces to think more intentionally about their learning and make connections across the curriculum.  There exists a growing percentage of students who use ePortfolios for all or most of their courses, (based on the ECAR Annual Survey of Undergraduates and Technology).  Therefore. starting early with this tool is excellent preparation for higher education!

  • ePortfolios are meant to stimulate: INQUIRY, REFLECTION, and INTEGRATION
  • ePortfolios are a FANTASTIC assessment tool and record. Curation of the material enhances self-assessment!
  • Sorting, evaluating, and collecting the work and examples are the beginning of a lifelong bio or resume.

For more information, follow this link to this article which is an in-depth overview of the concept.


If you have further questions, as always, please talk to us!

But you are a new school and just starting up! Should I be concerned?
  1. Not at all! Our educational approach is based on the best of the current methods in education. Ask us for more detail. We have drawn on such famous names in education as Plato, Aristotle,Jesus, Piaget, Dewey, Bloom, Renzulli, Dweck, Boaler. We have chosen the best methods and pedagogical approaches.
  2. I am not new to education or to running a business. I am both an educator and entrepreneur. I have a very eclectic work experience. Want a copy of my bio? Just ask.
  3. We have an advisory board. Prayer partners. Supportive friends, family, and colleagues.
Isn’t it better to wait until the school has been around for a while?

Why? Your child’s needs are immediate!

We are there to partner with you to make sure that your child gets the best education possible! Now!

You cannot get this level of flexibility, focus, care, and support in any public school nor in most other private schools.

We are employing 21st Century leading edge teaching methodology, which, ironically, is often a use of educational approaches that have been around since kids first needed to learn. Same approach. New labels.

Will my child fit?

Supporting documents, parental input, previous report cards, and references are requested.

There will be a one-on-one interview which will make it clear if CGS is for your child. We are very selective as to enrolment. Our educational approach must be a good fit for your child.

Since we are a small school our students will get to know each other very well! Collaboration, support, empathy, and encouragement will be the standard.

Why focus so much time and effort on trips and expeditions?

ALL research shows and proves that children who learn through experience learn and retain more.

Ask yourself which school events you remember best!

In addition, many of the expeditions and adventures will be planned and organized by the students. More opportunity for “real world” learning.


How can I be sure my child will learn the necessary material/skills/concepts?

Assessment and evaluation will be ongoing. By teacher, student, and peers. Parents will receive frequent updates. Much more than 3 report cards.

Parents are encouraged to talk with the teacher!

See the FAQ about “ePortfolios” also!

Should I be concerned that my child will be too sheltered from the world and then will have trouble adapting or adjusting to the realities of life?

We do not plan to shelter your child!

We will study the world AND spend time in the world while striving NOT to be OF the world!

We will have partner schools from other countries and during our numerous expeditions and adventures, we will interact with the outside world. We will discuss world issues. Share opinions. Ask lots of questions.

And, pray for and about these issues.

Our resource group of people will be a source to help your child understand the world. They are seasoned professionals, business owners, athletes, politicians, retirees, etc. who have experienced the world.

We will teach our students how to communicate with each other and with adults. Their opinions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings will always be considered.

AND this will all happen in a school that puts God as #1 priority in life. Only a strong, healthy, intimate relationship with God can truly prepare your child for the challenges of the world!

What if I can't afford the tuition?

Over the past eleven years the Lord has been consistent in His message to me about finances. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it!”  Therefore:

  1. Let’s talk and see how His promise to us impacts your decision.
  2. What about barter? Do you have any skills, connections, things, goods, …whatever that we could discuss in order to make some of the tuition payable in a barter arrangement?
  3. Are you an artist? Musician? Trainer? What can our students learn from you?
Where is the school located? Why? What about other needed facilities?

We are determined to keep the school small and intimate. Therefore, we are using our home. It’s a comfortable and stimulating environment. We don’t look like a school; feel like a school, but we are much more than a school!

  1. Our backyard is greenspace. Lots of room for playing all year round. There are public parks and playgrounds within walking distance.
  2. Malvern public library and the University of Toronto Scarborough are a short distance away.
  3. There is a TTC bus stop in front of the house.
  4. Students are allowed to arrange and coordinate special instruction needs (music, art, sports) or be allowed to go to those classes during school time. We ARE flexible and accommodating. We expect and encourage initiative, responsibility, and planning.
  5. Savings. Last but not least, there’s money. You can’t run an effective school with tight margins. Using our home as the school facility lets us invest our resources in our students, not their surroundings.

Have more questions?

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