The Story behind the “Friend of the School” society and its beginning.

We have been challenged in finding out the best way to maximize our promotional “coverage” demographics.

How could we get the message out to as many potential students as possible?

Our advertising and promotions budget was sending a lot of money to the media, and we really did not get the return on those advertising dollars. It was hit and miss and no guarantee of any success in really spreading the news to our potential demographic of students interested and needing a better place to go to “school” and a more engaging way to learn.

We wanted to put those advertising and promotional dollars into the bank accounts of the people who mattered most to us, the families and students who enroll at COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL and their friend and colleagues!

How could we do that?


WORD of MOUTH, the best way to spread good news!

We knew that “word of mouth” was one of the best (if not the best) way to share and spread the good (great!) news about a quality product or opportunity.

COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL is that opportunity! We know that there is no other private Christian school offering the style, the content, the excitement and the fun that we will provide to our students!

And when a friend tells a friend, who tells another friend, the ring of truth and value accompanies that message!

Thus, we began the “Friend of the School” society, so that we could bless those who spread that message!


All of us at COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL have a deep rooted passion for teaching and a similarly strong compassion for children!


Many of you are aware of our passion for wanting to give a wonderful group of students an educational opportunity second to none!

You know of the many hours (years!) of research, planning, and prayer that have gone into developing the concept and educational approach for COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL. You know of our passion for excellent education! You know of our love for the students we teach.

We desire to take the experience, wisdom, and knowledge gained over the years, and our enthusiasm for learning and pass those elements onto to as many children as we can.  The Lord has laid this on our hearts and we will continue on that journey!

Thus our “Friend of the School” society ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR ($1,000) program is the perfect vehicle to bless our supporters!

What can you do as a “Friend of the School” society member?

We know that all of you are busy people with many other priorities in life!  We have shared about CGS with many of you and we would like to bless you for the help, encouragement and opportunity you have given us in helping us make COVENANT GLOBAL SCHOOL a success!

You can help us by talking, sharing, looking, finding, and discovering those students that will thrive in the educational environment we are offering! AND send them to us. AND thus become an official “FRIEND of the SCHOOL” society member!

We will be delighted to share with you a sizable chunk of your advertising budget!  Money to you instead of the media!  You can use the $1000. for your own needs, or take the money and give it to the family who is sending their child to CGS!  

Either way, you will be a blessing as a “Friend of the School”.